Feeling Alone

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re all alone in this fight called life? Let’s face it; we all feel alone sometimes. I’ve never had a blog before, but I want to put this out in the world. So I know that some people can be mean and I know that it hurts. I know that you just want to shut out everybody and everything because maybe it will make things hurt less. But if you want to close out the whole world, it’s only going to make things worse. Because you’re not going to get all of those emotions out of your system. They will stay pent up inside of you and it won’t help you at all. So I want you to know that sometimes, the best way for you to communicate how you’re feeling is writing. I was mad at my little sisters’ Mom, so instead of calling her and bitching at her, I wrote her a letter. She’ll probably never see it, but it felt really good to get it out of my system. And so I called her last night and talked to her, and everything is good. I’m actually going to see my sisters and her again on Good Friday. I’m so excited, and yet so nervous at the same time. So I know how it feels to think you’re alone all of the time. But you’re NOT all alone. And I may not know you, but I’m here for any and all of you if you ever need a friend. Remember, I’m just a blog/link away! 🌸β™₯️


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